About Us

We are a group of technical women and men who support and encourage women to pursue careers in engineering. We provide professional development, social, networking, mentoring, and community service opportunities for the students at CMU and sponsor several events each semester such as the TOC Career Fair, High School Day, and Middle School Day.

Our mission is to promote the image and success of women in STEM both internal and external to SWE by providing resources for personal and professional development and a community that advocates diversity and awareness.

Our Team

Mimi Niou

AndrewID: yniou


Elizabeth Young

AndrewID: elyoung


Kyra Balenzano

AndrewID: kbalenza


Sanjana Shah

AndrewID: sbs1


Nickia Muraskin

AndrewID: nmuraski

Corporate Relations Chair

Adeline Shin

AndrewID: adelines

Mentoring Chair

Shanley Lenart

AndrewIDs: slenart

Freshmen First Chairs

Harriet O'Brien, Kayla Vokt

AndrewIDs: hobrien, kgv

Outreach/Community Service Chairs

Alyssa Brown, Lekha Kesavan

AndrewIDs: apbrown, lkesavan

Events Chairs

Jeanette De La Torre- Duran

AndrewID: jdelator

Publicity Chair

Olivia Keller, Brenda Mokua

AndrewIDs: okeller, bmokua

TOC Directors

Piyumi Wijesekara, Deepshikha Acharya

AndrewIDs: pwijesek, dacharya

Grad-Greets Chairs